8 Natural Ways To Manage Your Anxiety by Tracey Hoyng

8 Natural Ways To Manage Your Anxiety

Create calm and resilient energy so YOU can live your best life - with anxiety!

What's included?

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What You'll Learn

Before We Get Started
2 mins
Hello and Welcome!
1 min
SESSION ONE: Know Your Anxiety
Let's Get To Know Anxiety (And Yourself) A Bit Better
10 mins
Download Your Session One Worksheet about Your Anxiety
121 KB
Download Your Session One Worksheet on Boundaries
225 KB
SESSION TWO: My Favourite Natural Anxiety Busters
8 Natural Ways To Manage Your Anxiety
20 mins
Download Your Session Two Worksheet
289 KB
SESSION THREE: Make The Commitment
If You Change Nothing, Nothing Changes. Your Next Steps.
4 mins
Download Your Session Three Worksheet
121 KB
What Did You Learn? And When To Get Further Help
4 mins

Wellness & Mindset Coach & Mindfulness Groupie

Hey there friends! My name is Tracey and I'm a certified Wellness Coach based in Sydney Australia. I love pizza and pilates, Autumn and hanging out with my 3 kids. I can't wait to see you inside my classes! 


How much time will it take to complete this mini course?

I would set aside an hour to watch all the videos, and print out the worksheets. 

You might need to take some further time with the worksheets, so feel free to work on them in your own time. 

The course is yours to access forever (for as long as I keep them online here!). 

Will this cure my anxiety?

Simply put, NO.

I do not believe in cures for anxiety, I don't believe in a one size fits all approach. 

Please know that we all need a small bit of anxiety - we are human. It will always be with us alongside happiness, excitement, anger etc.

Yes, I absolutely believe in the natural methods discussed in this mini course - but you need to decide what YOU need to try when it comes to YOUR anxiety. I believe in hard work, taking the time to be intentional with your actions and trusting yourself and the people that support you along the way. 

There is NOTHING WRONG with considering or taking medication for your anxiety, if this is what you need and have decided. No shame from me! Take care of yourself. 

I tried all of this stuff already and I'm still having trouble with my anxiety.

I would always recommend that you are having regular and proper check ups with your doctor and mental health team. 

Yes, it's great that you are here - I am so happy to support you - but part of my support is to also tell you that you need to follow this up, in person, with people you trust. 

Please take care of yourself always - see your doctor ASAP and be brave and open up to your family and friends. 

The information is this course is a guide only - you need individualized care.