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My name is Tracey Hoyng, and I'm a Wellness Coach based in Sydney Australia. I love to help women find clarity and confidence so they can break free of unhealthy mindset habits and start kicking some life goal ass. 

Make Sunshine is your home for online courses and printables to improve your Mindset and Wellness through Mindfulness. 

My 5 Mindfulness Moments That I Can't Live Without

Need some ideas to get started in Mindfulness? Download my FREE PDF and learn my Top 5 Mindfulness Moments.

8 Natural Ways To Manage Your Anxiety

Explore natural methods in managing an Anxiety Disorder. Please note, I fully recommend that you consult with a mental health professional in person if you are experiencing issues with your Anxiety Disorder. This mini course is NOT a substitute for a medical assessment and I cannot diagnose you or give you personalised help. You are far too important, please take care of yourself first.